Verizon has had a data breach resulting in the potential release of 6 million customer records including name, cell number , and pin. Verizon customers should change their pin numbers and passwords. To do this, you need to login to your Verizon account ( ). Hover over "My Profile" near the top right side, and then click on My Profile & Settings on the top right of the drop-down window. This will bring up another page. On top of this page is the Personal & Security Information section. The Account PIN listing is toward the bottom of this section. On the right side of this listing is the Change Account PIN link. Click on that. It will ask you to enter a new PIN. Your new PIN can be any four numbers in any combination -- with a few exceptions such as 1234 and 1111. You might as well change your password while you're here. To do this, go back to the Personal & Security Information section. The password settings are the third one down from the top. Click on Change Password.